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Many artists that have taken part in Parallax Art Fair have commented that whilst they were part of the online fair catalogue the traffic to their website increased dramatically. There are also many artists that would like to be part of the project, but for politico-geographical reasons or shipping issues are unable to get involved. It is for this reason that we decided to launch an online directory of artists, but one that benefits from a direct link to each of the events in the UK, Europe and USA.

Since launching, the PAF UK website has attracted around 350,000 unique visitors with 755,000 pages having been visited. It averages around 25,000-30,000 unique hits a month; 900-1200 a day. The demographic of visitors is global with an emphasis on art capitals such as London, New York, Berlin, Moscow, Paris, Barcelona and important emerging centres such as Brazil, India and Turkey. Where future PAF projects take place affects this demographic.

Features and benefits:

1) 0% commission on sales.

2) Online galleries are tied into actual “real”events.

3) Online gallery space and suite for uploading and editing art work

4) PAF Essays, information and book lists on new thinking in regard to the visual arts industry.

The annual subscription rate is just £40.    

If you would like to register, please check out the website below for more information. You can also access the website directly at: PAF DIRECTORY  

Thank you for your time.